Network Status

  • Problemi di connettivita’ Telecom Italia

    Gentili Clienti, a titolo informativo segnalamo che al momento a quanto pare ci sono problemi di connettività nella rete Telecom Italia, probabilmente per tutte le connessioni che passano per Francoforte. Stiamo aspettando risposta definitiva da Telecom Italia / TI Sparkle a riguardo (finora abbiamo ricevuto conferma di un potenziale problema soltanto via telefono). L’ultimo aggiornamento […]

  • Carrier change & maintenance

    [ENGLISH] We will change one of our upstream providers / carriers this night (31st OCT 2012) starting at 00:01, the traffic will be routed over to other carriers and while no outage is planned, there is a possibility that this will be service affecting and cause downtime during the night. [ITALIANO] Procederemo al cambio di […]

  • Upgrade

    We are upgrading the Barracuda Cluster at, no outages or downtimes are planned, but you might experience a slight delay in e-mail delivery. Stiamo aggiornando il cluster Barracuda su, non sono previsti downtimes o disservizi, tuttavia potrebbe esserci un lieve ritardo nello smistamento della posta elettronica. Wir führen gerade Upgrades auf dem Barracuda […]

  • Server rebooted

    Due to an emergency maintenance, the server with IP has been rebooted and should be back online within 5 minutes. UPDATE: Emergency maintenance completed for, total downtime was 3:27 minutes – the server is back online.

  • Hardware Loadbalancers Reboot

    Due to a firmware upgrade we will be rebooting the two main loadbalancers used by the server24 customers this night. Downtime should be contained to less than 5 minutes. Customers with protected service are not affected.

  • Plesk 10.4.4 Zero Day Exploit

    [ENGLISH] Currently a zero-day exploit for Plesk 10.4.4 is being sold on underground forums and we noticed a spike in the scanning of port 8443 (the standard Plesk port)  activity and therefore urge all customers to upgrade to version 11.0.9. [ITALIANO] Circola un zero-day exploit di Plesk 10.4.4 ed abbiamo notato un notevole aumento degli […]

  • Synflood Attack

    [ENGLISH] We are currently experiencing a synflood attack on two of our firewalls and one nameservers. Our technicians are already in the process of mitigating the attack. [ITALIANO] Al momento e’ in corso un attacco (d)DoS synflood verso due firewall ed un nameserver. I tecnici stanno lavorando per mitigare l’attacco. [DEUTSCH] Derzeit ist eine (d)DoS-Angriff […]

  • VPS Server Reload

    Due to important security updates, we will be performing a reboot of all virtual private servers starting 8 pm today. Downtime should not exceed 20 minutes per VPS. Per installare importanti aggiornamenti di sicurezza tutti i nodi hardware per server virtuali verranno riavviati a partire dalle ore 20 di oggi. Il download non dovrebbe superare […]

  • Remote Desktop Vulnerability / Sicurezza / Sicherheit

    [ENGLISH] Dear customer, if you are running a Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 Server we urge you to install a security patch to resolve remote code execution vulnerabilities in the Remote Desktop Protocol. You can use the auto-update function or download and install the patch manually using the link at the end of this post. […]